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Marian University Student Nurses Association

Graduating Seniors:
MUSNA will reimburse graduating seniors for their nursing pin according to their number of years as an active MUSNA member.  Seniors must fill out the Graduation Pin Reimbursement Form and turn it in to the MUSNA treasurer before reimbursement will be granted.  Please print the form by clicking on the link below.
- MUSNA will reimburse senior nursing student members for a specified amount for their nursing pin.
-To be eligible; senior students must be an active member and fulfill responsibilities for active membership according to the bylaws.
-For senior year membership, MUSNA members will be reimbursed $5 for active membership in 1 semester, or $10 for active membership in both semesters.  Service projects must be documented in order to receive reimbursement.
Ex: Senior $10 (for  both semesters), Junior $10 (for both semesters), Sophomore $10 (for both semesters), Freshman $10 (for both semesters)
-If the MUSNA member has been a member for previous years, the member will be reimbursed an additional $5 for EACH semester of active membership.  All community service projects from these semesters must be documented in order to recieve this reimbursement.
-The appropriate voucher must be completed and submitted to the treasurer for reimbursement. All necessary information must be provided on the voucher (see link below).  The treasurer will reimburse the student after the above has been submitted.

In Order to be Reimbursed for Convention YOU MUST:
-Attend all focus sessions
-Be a delegate or spend at least 1 HOUR in the House of Delegates Meeting
-Complete your Community Service (click for info.)
-Be an ACTIVE MUSNA MEMBER (dues paid/meeting attendance)
-You must submit a written summary of your convention experience
- You must fill out the required voucher and return to MUSNA treasurer

All forms can be found under the Forms and Links tab on the website homepage!