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Marian University Student Nurses Association

Marian University Student Nurse’s Association Mission Statement:

We as nursing students and soon to be professional nurses will not discriminate against creed, ethnic origin, sex, religion, or politics. It is our utmost duty to provide competent professional care to all those patients that we encounter during our commitment to the nursing profession.

During our nursing career we will respect the religion of all clients that we encounter. We will not discriminate between the religious beliefs that our client’s have. Throughout the care of our clients, we will treat them with dignity and respect. We will hold things confidential that are entrusted to us and will provide care that will not harm or endanger our clients.

As we continue our nursing career we will keep our professional knowledge at its highest level. We will keep updated on current nursing trends and be further educated regarding our professional nursing skills that we provide. We will give support to our health care team and will cooperate and follow all rules and regulations.

We will, to our best ability, honor the international code of ethics applied to nursing. During our career we will maintain the integrity of the professional nurse.

Copyright 1994. Updated 2009 MUSNA

The Goals of MUSNA:

  1. To explore and develop a greater understanding of the profession of the nursing profession.
  2. To promote personal and professional development of nursing students.
  3. To provide service to others in the Marian and surrounding communities
Activities include monthly meetings with various guest speakers relating to the health care professions, community and university service projects, fundraising, and attending state and national student nurse conventions.
Benefits of Joining MUSNA:
-Meet other nursing students
-Attend Conventions
-Personal and Professional Development
-Free book and goodie give away at meetings
-Leadership opportunities
-Looks great on your resume!
-Hear health care professionals talk at the meetings
-Reimbursement for nursing pin at graduation
-Sell and wear MUSNA t-shirts
-Participate in MUSNA sponsored fundraisers
-Participate in MUSNA sponsored events

How To Become a Member:
-Pay the semester dues ($6) or pay for the entire school year ($10). These dues must be given to the MUSNA treasurer.
-Attend 50% of the monthly MUSNA meetings, or have a copy of your course schedule on file with the MUSNA secretary to validate any class conflicts.
-Participate in 4 service hours per semester.

The Nurse's Prayer
Dear Lord, Thou Great Healer,
May Thy great strength and power flow through me
and lend skill to my hands and vision,
judgement to my mind, and compassion to my heart.
Grant me the strength to minister to my patients
in their hour of suffering and travail.
Make me worthy, O Lord, of Thy saintly task.
And may I faithfully discharge my duties in humility,
worthy of the trust and faith placed in me.